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Industrial workers compensation lawyer in Houston needed.

If you have been injured on the job, workers compensation laws may help you recover financial compensation for medical bills and lost wages.

Consult an Industrial Workers Compensation Lawyer in Texas and Louisiana

If you have been injured at work in a heavy industry, but have not yet filed a claim, then the time to consult an industrial workers compensation lawyer is now. Filing the initial claim properly can have a substantial impact on the final result.

Accepting compensation directly from your employer or an insurance company is risky business. Written into anything offered by an employer is almost certainly a clause that prevents you from taking further action.

Consult Laura Y. Rodriguez, P.C.

Individuals who have suffered serious injuries at work in heavy industries turn to Laura Y. Rodriguez, P.C. to retrieve no less than their deserved compensation. Clients choose us as their workers’ compensation lawyer in Houston due to our experienced and aggressive legal representation. Our priority is to help you receive the highest compensation possible for the full extent of injuries and losses.

The place to start is with a free consultation with an industrial workers compensation Lawyer in Texas and Louisiana. Contact Laura Y. Rodriguez, P.C. today for a free case review of your workers’ compensation claims!

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    Houston Maritime Law Attorney

    Injured workers in shipping, offshore drilling, and longshoreman occupations need expert legal help: the kind of help you can find here.



    Nationwide Maritime Law Attorney

    Special federal and state laws make maritime and admiralty law a highly specialized field. The Law Firm of Laura Rodriguez is experienced and ready to help workers in shipping, offshore drilling, and longshoreman occupations who have been injured and need strong and swift legal help.

    Positioned in Houston, Texas, the metropolitan heart of the Gulf Coast’s maritime and offshore drilling industries, the firm is well prepared to represent workers’ claims for compensation. If injuries prevent you from coming into the office for a personal consultation, then an attorney may come to you.

    Get Compensation for Maritime Injuries

    After injuries or losses occur, it’s wise to consult a qualified attorney before accepting any settlement offered by the employer or insurance company. Accepting such offers often prevents you from taking legal action to receive proper compensation for the full extent of your injuries and financial losses.

    Contact a Houston Maritime Law Attorney

    There is no cost and no obligation for a personal attorney consultation to evaluate your potential claim. Call or contact the firm today and make sure you and your family receive fair treatment under the law.

    There is no cost and no obligation. Contact a Houston maritime law attorney to evaluate your potential claim. Call 713-378-0229, or use the contact form today and make sure you receive fair treatment under the law.

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      Car Wreck with Ambulance.

      When you have been injured or suffered financial losses because of the carelessness of others, you may have a personal injury claim for financial compensation. Hiring an attorney to help you recover compensation is a big decision, one that deserves your careful consideration.

      Will you be treated as one of hundreds of case numbers, handed off to assistants and waiting for long periods when you have questions about your case – Or will you receive the personal attention you deserve?

      Hire the Laura Y. Rodriguez, P.C. and your case will be treated with priority and attention to detail. Our clients are our Texas & Louisiana neighbors and we treat them as we would like to be treated.  That means working hard to recover the greatest compensation possible for every case we manage.

      Discover for yourself if the Laura Y. Rodriguez, P.C. is the right firm to help with your case. Call or contact us today for a fast and free attorney case review.

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        Asked Questions

        A: The amount of your weekly workers’ comp check for temporary income benefits (TIBs) is calculated by taking the average of your earnings during the 13 weeks prior to your accident and multiplying by 70%. For injuries after October 1, 2016, the new weekly Temporary Income Benefits max comp rate is $913. If you believe you may be getting underpaid, contact us.

        Texas Workers’ Comp A: Yes. Although there are certain insurance carriers that require that the injured worker be treated within their network, you still have the option to choose who your treating doctor will be within the particular network. If the insurance carrier that is responsible for your claim does not have a network set up, you have many more choices of who your treating doctor can be. However, you will want to have a doctor that will be interested in your well-being as opposed to looking out for the interests of the employer. We can help get you to a doctor that not only will have your best interest in mind, but who is also knowledgeable in the procedures for requests for medical treatment under the workers’ comp guidelines.

        Louisiana Workers’ Comp A: Yes, a Louisiana compensation claim is similar to a Personal Injury case. We know how to maximize the settlement for your case.

        A: There can be various reasons why the insurance carrier is not approving your medical treatment. The Division of Worker’s Compensation recently adopted certain guidelines for medical treatment that is to be provided to the injured worker. If the treatment that your doctor is requesting falls beyond the guidelines, this may justify the reason for the denial. In other instances, the insurance carrier might only be accepting a minor injury and the treatment that your doctor requested is to remedy a much more severe injury. In this case, there may be an extent of injury issue and you will need a knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer to resolve this matter for you.

        A: A workers’ compensation claim is different than a personal injury claim. Under personal injury, a settlement is reached that includes compensation for medical treatment, lost wages, pain & suffering, etc. Under workers’ compensation, an injured worker receives income benefits called Impairment Income Benefits (IIBs) when he or she has reached Maximum Medical Improvement. For example, if an injured worker is certified to be at Maximum Medical Improvement with a 10% whole body impairment rating and his date of accident was after 10/1/15, he or she will be entitled to 30 weeks of IIBs at a weekly maximum rate of approximately $627. Weekly IIBs amount varies depending on the date of injury. The injured worker can be working after he or she receives the impairment rating and the IIBs will still be sent to him or her on a weekly basis. The IIBs can be looked on as the settlement for the claim.

        A: Yes. If another person was responsible for your injury besides your employer or a co-worker, you may have a third party claim. If a faulty machine or product caused your workers’ comp injury, you may have a product liability claim. If your employer did not pay you overtime, you may have an overtime claim. If you had been employed with your employer for several years and suddenly your employer terminates you after you got hurt, you may have a wrongful termination claim. Contact Laura Y. Rodriguez and Associates, P.C. to discuss these and other possible claims that may arise out of your workers’ compensation claim.

        A: You feel that way because you most certainly are being pushed out of the comp system too quickly, cheating you out of benefits you are entitled to. Keep in mind that the less medical treatment an injured worker receives, that equals more money in the pockets of the insurance companies. A company doctor will diagnose you with a minor injury (usually a pulled muscle) and then give you an examination that seems to be a follow-up consultation where the doctor produces a report saying you are as good as you will get. An impairment rating will also be given without your knowledge and if not disputed on time, this will basically mean the end of your claim.

        A: It is against the law for an Employer to fire an injured employee in retaliation for filing a workers’ compensation claim.  However, Employers try to find ways around this.  We know what necessary steps to take in order to protect the integrity of our client’s comp claim so that the claim won’t be jeopardized if the Employer decides to fill the injured employee’s position at work.

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