Welder Wins Trial with Attorney Rodriguez

This month marks another great win for a client of Attorney Laura Y. Rodriguez. This client of hers is a Texas-based welder.

Welder workers compensation justice.

Receiving Deserved Compensation

Attorney Rodriguez’s client was terminated for failing a welding test due to his injury. The problem was, he got that injury on the job.This was a clear worker’s compensation case.

Texas Workers’ Compensation and Insurance Neglect

The employer’s insurance company has tried to argue that Attorney Rodriguez’s client was terminated for just cause, and not due to his on-the-job injury. This was absolutely not the case. This welder demanded justice, and Attorney Rodriguez got the client deserved compensation.

Attorney Rodriguez Provides Workers Justice

The judge effectively disagreed with the insurance company and ordered that the insurance company pay the workers’ compensation checks due to Attorney Rodriguez’s client. The Judge ruled in favor of a Texas-based welder after trial.

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