Privacy Policy

This page describes how the information you send us, and the information we collect from our website is used.

When you browse our website, we collect anonymous information which is used to count visitors, where they are from, what information they seek, and more. This information is obtained partly by use of IP addresses. The IP address does not disclose any personally identifiable information about you.

We use programs from Google and Microsoft to count visitors from advertisements, and to determine when a visitors contacts our law firm. This information is anonymous and helps us determine the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

When you contact us through the forms on this website we will use that information only to answer your questions and to provide a free attorney consultation if requested. In some cases we may consult another attorney and share that information if it helps to better manage your case or potential case. We never send unwanted emails or advertisements to anyone who contacts us.

Never use a form on our website to send financially sensitive information or any information which may cause harm if in the hands of others. If you must transmit sensitive information then do so by telephone only.

If you have questions or concerns about our privacy policy then please contact us at the phone number listed on this page.