Laura Rodriguez, Your Worker’s Comp Attorney

Laura Y. Rodriguez & Associates, P.C. was founded under the principle that every injured worker or individual deserves excellence in the legal representation of his or her claim.

Attorney Laura Y. Rodriguez and her staff pride themselves in providing the highest quality service for their clients! Laura Y. Rodriguez & Associates fight hard to ensure that all injured in workplace accidents receive justice.

Houston Workers Comp Attorney

Laura Y. Rodriguez Those who work hard each day to take care of family and pay taxes deserve justice when hurt on the job. To receive a fair day before the courts, it is important to hire a compassionate and competent workplace accident lawyer in Houston.

Attorney Rodriguez Goes the Extra Mile

Laura Y. Rodriguez and Associates can help area workers locate an objective doctor who will provide a fair assessment of the damages. That way, this medical report can become part of the record needed to persuade either a court to decide in the client’s favor or the other party to accept a just settlement offer.

If you or somebody close to you were injured at work or in any other accident, contact Laura Y. Rodriguez & Associates, P.C. today for more information! Contact us today for a free consultation.