Lack of Overtime Pay

No pay for overtime and undocumented workers : because the Word says * The worker is worthy of his salary , our office fights for those who have been robbed of their payment by Hours worked or for non-payment of overtime …

regardless of whether the worker is legally in the United States or is undocumented. Workers, Do not Be Afraid!

Workers, Do not Be Afraid!

We have heard countless stories where undocumented workers are afraid to demand payment because they are afraid of being deported.

Did You Know

Did you know that under certain circumstances, an undocumented worker who has not been paid hours worked or overtime may qualify for a special visa to remain in the United States without fear of being deported? Do not be afraid! If you have not been paid for your hours or overtime, please call Laura Y. Rodriguez, PC at 713.378 .0229 for a free consultation. * 1 Timothy 5:18